Victoria Laing was diagnosed with Autism at age 2. She didn’t speak until age 3 and spent 5 days a week of her childhood going to therapy such as Speech, Occupational & Applied Behavior to learn to talk, write, focus, play, interact, regulate emotions and control anxiety and emotion. She was also seeing doctors on weekly basis. She also has severe OCD caused by PANDAS which impacts her daily activities. Focusing in school and doing homework is very difficult and has to spend triple the amount of time as the typical student to finish her homework.  But her determination and hard work have paid off because Victoria is an 4.0 student!


At age 12, Victoria began feeling very lonely in school because she didn’t have a single neuro-typical friend. But instead of getting angry or depressed, she decided to express her feelings by composing a song called “Like The Other Girls”! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHcMuJbUzqw”. Through this song, Victoria speaks out for all the lonely kids out there who are not included and hopes this song will raise awareness for Autistic and Special needs kids. Moreover, she is working on a non-profit website: LikeTheOrtherGirls.org to foster deeper friendship between special needs kids their typical peers. This website will match the kids, pay for playdates and offer scholarships to those who volunteer. Victoria hopes her website will make this world a more accepting and friendlier place for all special needs kids and lonely kids.


Victoria also won People’s Choice Award at Hebron Got Talent in February 2019 and Grand Champion Award at Arbor Creek Middle School Talent Show in April for her song. Victoria was selected by Channel 5 for the Courageous Kids interview series because she turned her vulnerability into strength to help others.


She enjoys her special needs cheerleading classes and performs with Express Cheer.  She also plays piano and advocates for the special needs community!  She is working hard towards a life of independence and envisions a career as an animator.  She also a strong interest in becoming a voice actress.