Honorary Superstar!

WAYNE HOLT is an Honorary Superstar Award recipient for Night of Superstars: DFW 2013!

Wayne Holt is an icon in regards to our primary message for not only our Superstars but also each one of our guests.

Here is what Wayne teaches us:

1) Despite our adversities, JOY is a CHOICE and a gift already given to us by God and available for us to claim.

2) We are not to allow our adversities to defeat us! If we maintain a joyful spirit, we can find our way over, around or through any obstacle. Unfortunately, many of us choose to put ourselves up on a pedestal of pity when things don’t necessarily go our way, keeping us in darkness and preventing us from moving forward (and often setting us back even further).

THANK YOU, Wayne, for being a living example for us in keeping a positive and joyful spirit in the face of adversity and living life to the fullest despite any unfortunate circumstances. CONGRATULATIONS, my brother! …not on the “award” but on a LIFE WELL-LIVED!”