Your Legacy… Their Future!

Mentor Program

In each city where we host Night of Superstars, we create an Honorary Platinum Ring, which consists of influential business & community leaders, with extensive business networks spanning across the U.S. and oftentimes around the globe. Within our combined Platinum Rings are experts in every major industry who serve as Mentors to our Superstars.

Superstar Scholarship Program

Due to overwhelming medical bills, medicine and medical equipment that insurance companies will not cover, college savings accounts (if any) are quickly depleted in order to provide for the care of our Superstars. OUR VISION is to provide scholarships to award every Superstar $5,000 to apply to their first semester of college. Superstars are able to apply for future scholarships following their first semester but the amount will be determined by their GPA and level of community service. YOUR SUPPORT can make this a reality!!

Entrepreneurial Program

For Superstars who wish to start their own businesses, we have our own personal “Shark Tank”! Superstar Entrepreneurs can consult our Mentors who are experts within their particular industry, who will offer strategic advice, assist in creating a business plan or improve their existing one.

Get ready for THE MOST Inspiring & Uplifting Event of the Year!!
Join local celebrities, high-profile personalities, mass media and 800+ DFW Business & Community Leaders as we honor 10 amazing special needs students & young adults who reach far beyond their adversities and excel in areas such as academics, athletics, the arts and community service!

NET PROCEEDS fund our Superstar College Scholarship & Entrepreneurial Programs!

Meet one of our amazing Superstars