Night of Superstars

It began in 2005… A simple, yet transformative event to celebrate the abilities and tenacity of remarkable students and young adults with special needs: our Superstars. Since then, the excitement around this awards show-style evening has gone supernova. Each year, we are truly honored and humbled to spotlight these young adults’ inspiring journeys with the support of generous donors, local celebrities and the area’s most prominent buisness & community leaders.

There’s something profoundly uplifting about the ways in which our Superstars navigate challenges, find their courage and seize their ambition. Each one is a living reminder of the fearless spirit that burns bright within all of us. A change of perspective can be a powerful thing, and together we can inspire our communities to foster acceptance and inclusion for everyone.

Our Mission


100% of the net proceeds from each event goes towards our Superstar Scholarship Program!  Due to overwhelming medical bills, medicine, medical equipment and ongoing therapy services that insurance companies refuse to cover, college savings (if any) are quickly depleted in order to provide for the care of our Superstars. Our vision is to provide every Superstar with a scholarships college, trade school or life-skills training. Your support can make this a reality!

Pictured to the Left: Grammy Award Winner, Linda Davis, & Superstar Alex

Superstar Platinum Ring

Our Superstar Platinum Ring is a global network of Business & Community Leaders dedicated to helping Night of Superstars raise awareness and launch in other cities by connecting us to other business & community leaders. Many of our Platinum Ring Members also serve as Superstar Mentors!


Pictured Right: Lt. Governor Dan Patrick with Superstar Allison

Our History

Night of Superstars was founded by Greg Johnson in 2005. The event began as a small event with 12 Superstars and 100 guests at a small dinner theater. The event was intended to be a one time event. However, due to the overwhelming popularity, Night of Superstars has now grown 10 times that size, and launching in other cities throughout the U.S.!

Pictured to the left: Patrick Esquire’ Founder of La Madeleine: Superstars Lajerrica: Dr. Raymund C. King, MD, JD

Our Mission

Night of Superstars isn’t just a one-night, “make you feel good” event. In fact, the event is just the beginning! Our mission is to assist our Superstars reach their maximum potential through every stage of their lives through our Mentor Program and our Superstar College Scholarship & Entrepreneurial Funds!
Pictured Right: Scott Murray (Murray Media), Teresa Frosini (CBS 11) & Superstar Alex

Your Legacy… Their Future!

Mentor Program

In each city where we host Night of Superstars, we create an Honorary Platinum Ring, which consists of influential business & community leaders, with extensive business networks spanning across the U.S. and oftentimes around the globe. Within our combined Platinum Rings are experts in every major industry who serve as Mentors to our Superstars.

Superstar Scholarship Program

Due to overwhelming medical bills, medicine and medical equipment that insurance companies will not cover, college savings accounts (if any) are quickly depleted in order to provide for the care of our Superstars. OUR VISION is to provide scholarships to award every Superstar with a college scholarship for their first semester. Superstars are then able to apply for future scholarships following their first semester but the amount will be determined by their GPA and level of community service. YOUR SUPPORT determines the amount of scholarships we are able to provide each year!

Entrepreneurial Program

For Superstars who wish to start their own businesses, we have our own personal “Shark Tank”! Superstar Entrepreneurs can consult our Mentors who are experts within their particular industry, who will offer strategic advice, assist in creating a business plan or improve their existing one.

Get ready for THE MOST Inspiring & Uplifting Event of the Year!!
Join local celebrities, high-profile personalities, mass media and 800+ DFW Business & Community Leaders as we honor 10 amazing special needs students & young adults who reach far beyond their adversities and excel in areas such as academics, athletics, the arts and community service!

NET PROCEEDS fund our Superstar College Scholarship & Entrepreneurial Programs!

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