Tied to Success!

Every morning, Entrepreneur James Ryan begins his day with “I am smart. I am strong. I can and I will. Just watch me do great things.” From his earliest days in the NICU, he has done just that. He has defied the odds, and proved the naysayers wrong. With his outgoing personality, fierce determination, problem solving skills, and genuine interest in the wellbeing of others, he overcomes adversity, and breaks down stereotypes daily.


The greatest struggle he faces is to be fully included in school and society. To that end, he and his family have established the Inkorporated Community, a nonprofit that promotes full inclusion in school, work, and community. It is the plan for the Inkorporated Community to open a coffee shop in their hometown of McKinney Texas. Their dream is to create the ideal hang out for high school and college students of all abilities to be able to share in work and recreational experiences.


James Ryan is also a partner in Ry’s Ties, a company that models inclusive practices in small business. He is involved in every aspect of this business from purchasing and advertising to sales and order fulfillment. He is the sole brand representative for the business and attends networking meetings on a regular basis. Ry’s Ties is a social enterprise and gives back 20% of its profit to the Inkorporated Community. With Ry’s help, his company is changing the world one friend at a time, one challenge at a time, and one tie at a time.


James is a strong and highly competitive in track & field, cross country, soccer and bowling and loves collecting first place medals and ribbons.  He also plays the cello in the Dowell Middle School Orchestra and volunteers for his church.  He has also attended school board meetings and gaining his voice as an advocate for himself & his friends of all abilities!