Grace is an incredibly bright 13-yr old who loves to stay busy!  Upon entering this world, Grace was born a triplet at just 28 weeks and at a very tiny 1 lb. and 13 oz.. Due to experiencing brain trauma at birth as a result of Periventricular Leukomalacia, she was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy.  She uses a wheelchair and walker to ambulate.  As if this wasn’t challenging enough, Grace also has impaired vision.  She has endured several surgeries and continues to struggle with oculomotor apraxia which provides challenges for reading and tracking.

Despite these challenges, Grace maintains a 3.2 GPA!  And with the motor limitation cerebral palsy presents, Grace still pushes the limits to stay very busy!  She participates in cheerleading with Spirit Extreme, baseball with Miracle League, swimming & track with Special Olympics, and Kid-Netic Games.  Riding horses has been one of her favorite activities for the past several years and participated in the Chisholm Challenge for the first time this year!

Grace also loves to sing, being part of the Middle School Choir and is extremely passionate about helping others.  She is a member of National Charity League Metroport, a highly active member her middle school group at 121 Community Church, and a member of the Ambassadors Club at Durham Intermediate School.

All who meet Grace are “graced” by her beautiful spirit and we are happy to be inviting her and her family into our Superstar Family!