“No Limb-its!”

Autumn was born at just 28 weeks weighing only 3 lbs.  She was born addicted to drugs, and she had several deformities.  Before she turned 6 months old, she had undergone 3 surgeries to repair her intestines.  At 6 months old, Autumn was adopted by Brandi & Brandon Fought who say that they knew immediately that she was a force.  She continued to define the odds that were given to her.  At the age of 2, they were told that Autumn was paraplegic.  Just one year later, Autumn was undergoing surgery for bilateral amputation at the knee.  The afternoon of her surgery, Autumn was having a tea party in her bed.  It was clear that she was determined to make her own path, even at a young age.

Autumn has been involved in many different activities.  She has participated in dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, wheelchair basketball, and basketball with her typically-abled friends.  Autumn was a winner of the WOW Award when she was on a differently-abled cheer team.  She has also participated in cheer at her local school as well as gymnastics both competitive and non-competitive.  Her signature move has been walking on her hands across the stage.  Autumn’s favorite activity is basketball.  She loves to play wheelchair basketball and basketball with her peers.  Her dream is to be a basketball player when she grows up.

Autumn has also been active in her church youth for years.  She has participated in both Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts.  Autumn’s motto has been I Can & I Wheel!  …and she does!  Her family has continued to encourage her to try all activities even the ones that don’t make any sense (such as ballet without feet), and she has figured out how to participate in her own way.