Condition / Challenge:
Tiffany is language impaired.

Celebrated For:
This Superstar excels academically and socially in the special education classroom and does not let her language impairment disability ever stop her or get her down. She can always be counted on to have her work done, and she is especially kind-hearted in helping others after she finishes her own work.

This remarkable young lady is also an active member in the Ste. Genevieve FFA Chapter and participates in nearly every local activity in the organization. Sometimes the content in the agriculture education program can be very challenging for her, but she has never once complained and always put forth her best effort with a smile.

Tiffany is also an amazing office aide! She always goes to the office with a smile and never complains about all the deliveries that need to be taken from one end of school to the other. She is kept very busy helping out the school office because everyone knows she will get the job done!


“As a senior in a class with many freshman and sophomores, Tiffany is a positive role model for the students. They look up to her and everyone wants to be her friend. Tiffany is a shining star!”