Condition / Challenge:
Raquel was diagnosed in 2010 with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 4 years old. The following year she was diagnosed with Wolfram syndrome, a rare and severe autosomal recessive neurodegenerative disease characterized by diabetes mellitus, optic atrophy, diabetes insipidus, and deafness. She undergoes daily blood tests and injections without complaint and talks freely about her challenges to help raise awareness about the challenges diabetics face.

Celebrated For:
Raquel is a determined girl experiencing many changes in her life right now, due to her vision deteriorating so rapidly, but she doesn’t let that depress her or deter her from finding new activities in which she can excel. Even though she used to love riding bikes, horses and playing sports, her hopeful spirit has her finding great enjoyment through reading by using special machines so she can see the words. She also works very hard at school and loves doing science experiments – she is so thankful she can still utilize her limited vision!

She has joined Girl Scouts and Girls on the Run. This Superstar, and her Girls on the Run team, organized an Awareness Week to help educate and raise funds for Diabetes and Wolfram Syndrome. This special week ended with an all-school assembly and a one-mile “Run for Raquel” event. She also participates in The Snow Foundation’s Easter Egg Hunt Fundraiser and Gold’s Gym “Get Fit Expo!”

Raquel-Bio-2Raquel has a strong faith, and believes she has this disease so she and her mom can revolutionize the diabetic world, and help doctors find a cure and help millions. She is a superstar who has accepted her illness with grace is not afraid to face it head on!


“Raquel has the heart of an angel and the soul of a warrior. She is such a positive, wonderful, upbeat girl and brings happiness to everyone she encounters. Not only is she kind and caring to everyone, but she goes about everything in her day with a smile. Raquel is a true blessing to anyone who knows her.”