Condition / Challenge:
Nathan has been diagnosed with Autism.

Celebrated For:
Nathan is an amazing young man who works hard to overcome his challenges through diligence and perseverance. This attitude is why he is a Special Olympics Medalist in Track & Field, and Bowling! His hard work is seen at school too, where he has learned to independently navigate Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint!

His efforts also landed him on the Principal’s A-Honor Roll for the first quarter of the 2014-2015 school year for getting straight A’s – and he was rewarded for having perfect attendance!

This Superstar is extremely creative and he loves to use his skills to compose digital movie posters about his favorite movies. He also taught himself how to play the piano by listening to television shows, and he can now play movie themes like Star Wars!


“Nathan enjoys initiating social interaction with others and is great at engaging with others at school in the hallway between classes. He also picks up quickly on new tasks, follows directions, and has made phenomenal progress since beginning specialized therapies. It is so awesome Nathan is being honored for being such a Superstar!”