Condition / Challenge:
Maddie has Autism and ADHD. She has difficulties with attention and her working memory, so learning new tasks and maintaining them can be a challenge.

Celebrated For:
Maddie is outstanding at facing her challenges, even though frustrating times occur. Through hard work and determination, she can now initiate doing her own homework and chores around the house on her own, and recently participated in a school initiative called “Girl Talk” where middle-school girls discuss teen issues.

This superstar is always striving to do her best and even won a perseverance award! She has also won bus student of the month, has had the highest point total for field day activities, and received a red ribbon award for her accomplishments with “Smokey” the horse during horse-back riding classes.

She loves spending time with her friends and family and making plans to the extent that people who know her think she will probably become an event planner one day! She also likes to ride her bike and scooter, play video games, and cheer for her sister during softball games. Maddie also worked very hard and passed her “deep-end swim” at summer camp, and started playing T-ball and volleyball at which she is doing quite well!


“Maddie wins the heart of all who meet her. She is so much fun and loves to socialize with others. Although it is difficult, she meets her challenges every day and works hard to overcome and adapt. It is an honor to know her and family, and can’t wait to see the woman this Superstar becomes!”