Condition / Challenge:
Joseph has a traumatic brain injury.

Celebrated For:
Joseph is a determined young man who has persevered through hospitalizations and more, while still working hard during the times he had to be homeschooled. He did so well, that when he was able to go back to mainstream education, he was awarded for his accomplishments by being promoted to the next grade level!

His favorite subjects in school are math and reading. He also loves playing video games, watching wrestling, going outside, and spending time with family and friends.

This superstar’s strong and courageous spirit has also helped him through the loss of his grandmother just months before his diagnosis. This strength is what helped inspire his whole family to fight that much harder with him, and for him.


“His favorite quote is, “I’m so awesome!” And he is just that – an awesome kid – and I’m very proud I get to be his mom, and that he is being honored as a Superstar!”