Condition / Challenge:
Jessica is challenged with apraxia of speech and fine motor skills.

Celebrated For:
Despite her challenges, Jessica is determined to be just like everyone else. Even though it is difficult for her to understand certain things or converse with others her age, she works very hard at connecting and communicating with the other students.

Her spirited personality makes her the perfect manager for her school’s cheerleading squad. During the games, she can get the whole crowd excited and involved just from her enthusiasm, jumps, and spirit cheers she has learned simply from being on the sidelines!

Jessica also loves children, and she was the first one to help younger students with whatever they needed during a cheer clinic for elementary students hosted by her school’s cheer squad. She is growing into such a mature and outgoing lady who has so much to offer this world.


“Jessica does not see her condition as a hindrance to life and she shares her beautiful smile with everyone. She has always been a Superstar to everyone who knows her!”