Condition / Challenge:
Jacob was born in china with a cleft lip and palate. He was adopted and brought to the United States and adopted by his forever family, where other challenges were also discovered. Jacob also has autism, thalassemia, ADHD, and neurological brain damage from high levels of lead while in China.

Celebrated For:
Jacob is an amazing young man who will do anything for you, even before you ask. He is very direct with his comments and gets right to the point, which has been invaluable to his school’s football team where for the past season Jacob was captain of the team’s student managers!

This superstar helps to keep everyone in line and understands his role of taking care of his “brothers” on the football team. However, Jacob has gone far beyond covering tasks for the team. He has also been instrumental in keeping his team encouraged. Whenever any of the players, or even the coaches on some occasions, was having a bad practice or terrible day, Jacob was always there to say something to lift their spirits.


“Jacob is an inspiration to so many people, and is a very special young man. He is the perfect example of what a Superstar should be, as he shows us daily that he has heart, hunger and humility in every aspect of his life, which is this year’s pledge for his school’s football team. Jacob has changed the lives of every member of that team and beyond, and he helps make each day bright as he proves that anything is possible with the right attitude!”