Condition / Challenge:
Shortly after Hailey’s first birthday, her family was in a head-on collision and she spent six months in the hospital. She sustained a spinal cord injury and was paralyzed, making it necessary to medically assist common internal functions including a g-button for liquid food, cauterization, a tracheotomy, and was on a ventilator the first year she was home, with in-home nursing care.

Celebrated For:
From the time that Hailey arrived home until the present time, she has continuously improved. She has a wheelchair that she can move with her head, and it allows her to move freely whenever out of the house and has given her a great deal of independence.

This superstar enjoys school, really misses her friends during school breaks. She has special technology at school that allows her to stay on task so she can keep up with the other students. She excels at everything she does and her teachers are amazing at keeping her integrated into mainstream classrooms!

Hailey also loves to cook, make crafts, cards, and even adds personal notes to them. She spends hours on the weekends with her mom handcrafting cards for whatever the next holiday is, and loves letting people know they are special.

Even though her circumstances may put limitations on her, she never puts limitations on herself. She will try most things at least once. She gets great enjoyment dancing to the Wii while her mom works from behind her to help her with the moves, and it is wonderful therapy for her too as it helps to increase her range of motion and flexibility. This love of dance started from a caring dance studio instructor who asked Hailey to participate in a routine, and even though she was reluctant at the time, she committed to it, and now she is an inspiration for others!

“Never a day goes by that Hailey isn’t smiling. Her eyes are always twinkling and she worries about everyone else first. You will never see this superstar wallowing in self-pity. She is so special, and it is an honor to be a part of her life.”