Condition / Challenge:
At age six, Desi was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. There have been many month-long hospital stays and difficult treatments, weekly chemotherapy, and spinal taps. She was in remission for bit in 2011, but had a relapse that led to extensive cranio/spinal radiation, and a bone marrow transplant from her younger brother.

During recovery, one of her kidneys shut down due to GVHD (Gravt vs Host Disease). At one point, she lost mobility in her lower body creating the need for several months of physical therapy.

Celebrated For:
Even though Desi has gone through a lot, including hair loss and missing almost three years of school, she has always stayed upbeat and focused. She loves fashion, clothes, design and makeup, and is very much a girly-girl.

Since Desi no longer needs chemotherapy or radiation, she is well enough to go to school, and for the first time in three years, is able to play with her friends like she used to. She has fully regained mobility and strength in her lower body and recently started running again!

This superstar also gives back to her community and is a Children’s Miracle Network Ambassador!


“If Desi had her way in the world, everything would be pink and have glitter all over it, but even if it did, it still wouldn’t shine as bright as this Superstar!”