Condition / Challenge:
Colin had a malignant brain tumor, a type 4 Medulloblastoma, removed in June of this year. He underwent 6 weeks of Proton Radiation Therapy, and is currently undergoing 9 rounds of aggressive chemotherapy, which can cause delays and loss of IQ causing struggles with reading and math. Colin also undergoes physical and occupational therapies, and is determined to get back to his pre-surgery abilities.

Celebrated For:
Even though Colin spends a lot of time at the hospital and has to be out of school, he still is very diligent and works hard to maintain his school work and stay on pace with the rest of his class. He is a strong fighter and wants to attend school no matter how run down he feels, and he makes it a point to get involved in as many activities as he can. Colin’s classmates are well aware of Colin’s challenges, and they rally around him giving him full support!

Colin has strong athletic skills and his competitive personality suits him well for sports – especially hockey where he excels! Prior to his surgery, he had great speed and was on AA Hockey Teams. Only three months after his surgery, his doctor gave him permission to get back on the skates, and even though he had to relearn how to skate, it only took him 15 minutes to get back out on the ice without assistance!

This Superstar continues to strengthen his skills so he can get back to competitive hockey. It is amazing to watch what he can do on the ice with gliding, hockey stops, skating backwards, and doing crossovers, yet he still has a great challenge with walking a straight line and running at home due to his balance being off after the surgery – but he never gives up and works hard every day to improve!


“Colin has always looked at life as an adventure and never a challenge. He is a strong-willed, confident, witty, funny, and loveable boy. Even though he has some really tough days, he never loses his sense of humor. He laughs and laughs all he can, and makes light of the bumps in the road. Being around Colin helps others learn that nothing is ever too hard – you just have to not give up!”