Condition / Challenge:
AJ was born 6 weeks premature and was addicted to drugs. His medical condition included scoliosis, hip dysplasia (shallow socket), a fused knee joint with an extra bone, lower limb dysplasia and other lower-limb issues. After a few surgeries, the best option was to amputate at the knee. AJ was adopted into his current family one year later.

Celebrated For:
AJ has made great strides in school despite his developmental delays.

He dreams of playing football and baseball when he gets to junior high, never being discouraged by only having one leg!

This incredible Superstar is also dedicated to volunteering and helping others. He has been a patient ambassador with the Shriner’s Hospital for Children for the past seven years and does a multitude of service events for awareness and education every year. He is a true leader by example!

“AJ has been a blessing since the day he was adopted. Nothing slows this Superstar down, and it is so wonderful he is being honored for the amazing young man he is!”