Zeni’ was born with Autism, ADHD and a mood behavior disorder. It wasn’t until after infancy that her family was able to a diagnosis, even though they had an idea what may be affecting Zeni’.


Around the age of six, they were worried that she wouldn’t eat for herself, write or read. Now, Zeni’ can write her name and has found a LOVE for reading. She is often found with a book in hand or very close by. She continues to work on cognitive skills at home and at school each day.


Every year Zeni’ participates as a model at Autism Beauties. It’s an event that Autism Moms Are Beautiful does for girls on the autism spectrum. She modeled to bring awareness to what she go through every day.


Zeni’ attends Avondale House, where she gets to participate in Special Olympics, A.D. Players, The Arts of Avondale and the Carnival.


She also enjoys volunteering with her mom at Macy’s Miracles (a fellow Superstar’s charity) and at Autism Moms Are Beautiful.


Zeni’ participates in Miracle League soccer, even winning an award!


No matter what she is doing, this Superstar is giving her all in everything she does.