Zachary was diagnosed with Arthrogryposis Multiplier Congenita (AMC), a condition that affects multiple joints causing contractures, by ultrasound at 20 weeks gestation. Several doctors advised his parents to terminate the pregnancy due to the unlikely viability of the baby. His parents were told that he would likely be in a vegetative state for his life if in fact he were to survive past childbirth. When he was born, he was physically healthy with very severe clubbed feet and hands.


Throughout his life so far, Zachary has amazed his doctors by being able to do things he wasn’t supposed to be able to do such as feeding himself, dressing himself, walking, running, playing, etc. – much like the other children his age. He has successfully managed to adapt to his own method to accomplish many of these things and more.


Zachary is a patient Ambassador for Shriners Hospitals for Children Houston, where he attends several events each year as a representative for the Houston hospital and of the numerous other children that are patients at Shriners. Most recently, he traveled to Las Vegas to represent the Houston Hospital at the Shriners hospitals for children Open golf tournament.


He is also a sports fanatic, being a part of teams by being manager for both basketball and football. Zachary has a passion for serving. He volunteers at his church in children’s ministry and is also a greeter. Zachary is outgoing with a smile that lights up a room. He never meets a stranger, only a potential friend.