Victoria was born with a heart defect, having open heart surgery at 5 months old. She was then diagnosed with a learning disability at three years old. Growing up she was in special education classes as she needed speech therapy and one-on-one instruction throughout her student education years.


Victoria is a young entrepreneur, who has overcome many obstacles, and is paving the way for opportunities for others as a student at Dickinson ISD.  She participated in Special Olympics, becoming the first female pentathlete receiving a gold medal. During her senior year she was voted Homecoming Queen by her class of peers.


Victoria started knitting in her life skills class in 2015 and had a goal to sell her knitted hats to her friends to save up for a car. Today, she has grown her business called ‘Vics Knitz’ and has a goal of filling the world with love ‘one knit at a time’.  She ships worldwide some of her hats have made it to Germany, Great Britain and Alaska, just to name a few destinations.


She loves music and plays the piano and guitar. Victoria did intern work with DISD as a music assistant helper for the middle school program. She enjoys giving back to the community and serves as a mentor and Special Olympics peer coach.


She is a student at Alvin Community College in the STRIVE program where she is studying to become a teacher’s assistant. Nothing will hold this Superstar back from achieving her dreams!