Trey was born with Down Syndrome. As he began to grow, it was also learned that he had a very bad knee and hip – he has severe arthritis and deformed tendons, kneecap, cartilage and growth plates. Though his parents were told that he would never walk or talk, he has been surprising everyone, every day.


Trey was mainstreamed in high school and made Straight A’s all four years. He was on the Honor Roll every six weeks of high school and Academic All-District all four years.


Trey plays basketball for Special Olympics, which is amazing considering they said he would never walk. He was a Varsity Sports Medicine Trainer all four years of high school, even earning a state championship with the team.


This Superstar has a love for music! Trey is an amazing hip hop dancer. He plays five musical instruments, all self-taught. He even loves to sing and has done so at many venues in the area.


Trey has his own charity that he donates to Texas Children’s Hospital. He also gives a portion of each paycheck from his job, where he works part-time at Brand Electrical Service.


He drives and stays home by himself. He is completely self-sufficient. Trey brings joy to everyone he meets.