On December 16th 2017, Adison was involved in a hunting rifle accident. The rifle spontaneously fired hitting him just below the knee. The team of surgeons at University Hospital tried their best to save it, but, due to the immense trauma it had to be amputated. He woke up five days later, wondering if it was a dream. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.


Once he left the hospital, the physical therapy began. Adison didn’t realize how painful this would be and many days he wanted to give up. It was just too much. But, Adison’s parents encouraged him and wouldn’t let him give up. “They gave me as they called it tough love.” – which was just the boost he needed.


Adison was referred to the Shriners Hospital in Houston, Texas. He and his mother stayed there for a total of two months. Partnering with staff, Adison was provided physical and occupational therapy and got fitted for my prosthetic leg. He rolled in on a wheelchair and left there walking!


A week after getting his prosthetic leg, Adison was back on the field playing baseball. His first time at bat, Adison swung at the ball and his knee gave way, causing him to fall. The crowd stood and started to cheer him on. So, he stood up and hit a line drive toward shortstop.


He knows that he is having to learn again, but with the determination that he’s already shown, nothing is impossible. He’s even learning to ride his little brother’s hoverboard!