Aaron has multiple conditions which caused him many challenges. He has Autism, which affects sensory issues, meltdowns, difficulty reading people’s nonverbal cues, difficulty with change, fine and gross motor deficits, difficulty writing. He also has Dyslexia which causes him to struggle with reading and writing. Because of these adversities, Aaron has had to endure bullying by his peers, causing very low self-esteem. He has general muscle weakness which causes him to fatigue easily so he has a wheelchair for a long walking trips. Aaron also has motor deficit which causes him difficulties in tying, buttoning and other smaller things.


Despite his adversities, Aaron excels academically and current maintains a 3.5 GPA. He is in advanced placement classes and excels most in math and science. He scored the highest in his school last year on a math placement test!


Aaron is talented in many arenas outside the classroom too – sports, music and volunteering to name a few. He is involved in Miracle League and has played both baseball and soccer. Aaron has been able to independently hit a baseball that was pitched to him despite his motor and muscle weakness. Aaron excels in both baseball and soccer and he constantly helps and encourages his peers on his team. Aaron played the euphonium in both 5th and 6th grade. He received an award for excellence in music for his outstanding performance in class. Aaron spent many years volunteering at church as a junior volunteer with the 4th and 5th classes. He has volunteered at many ‘Samaritan’s Feet’ events washing the feet of others giving them new shoes and praying for them. He has volunteered at many special needs events for numerous nonprofits. This Superstar has a passion for serving others!