Maddison is a phenomenal young lady who has wolf-hirschhorn-syndrome, BUT, know this wolf-hirschhorn-syndrome doesn’t have her!


The plethora of challenges associated with her condition include, but are not limited to, delayed developmental disorder, intellectual disability, under-developed muscle function, delay in motor skill development, social and emotional developmental delays and cognitive ability delays.


She has had many challenges through school and college but has not let any of these stop her from achieving her dream to be an Entrepreneur and Owner of her own business “Maddy’s Chocolates” – a thriving candy/dessert business.  She caters desserts for parties, banquets and other special occasions. Maddison’s business has recently launched a new endeavor – party planning.  Maddison is able to ascertain her customer’s desired party theme and create desserts and decorate according to the desired theme. Maddison successfully developed a marketing plan of action for her business and it has soared!


In college, she continues to improve her language, reading, math and computer skills, and by becoming an active Eagles Club member and officer, her communication skills and self-confidence have greatly improved.  Maddy now returns to her high school to speak and present to groups of students, to speak to them about her experience in college at HCC VAST Academy and how not to give up on your dreams.  Maddison has a heart of gold and loves spending time giving back, helping others and inspiring everyone to follow their dreams!