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Corbin was diagnosed on October 17, 2014 with Osteosarcoma which is a type of bone cancer, at the age of 6 years old. It all started when his arm started hurting for weeks. He was very active in baseball so it was assumed he just pulled or twisted something in his left arm. He went and saw a doctor who gave him several tests and x-rays. The results were something that no parent wants to hear, that Corbin had a cancerous tumor on his left humorous.

Corbin and his entire family’s world changed that day. He had 6 rounds of chemo and had surgery to remove the cancer from his humorous. It was then that his family found out his necrosis was about 75%, which is how much the tumor was affected. The number doctors want you to have is 95% because anything lower is a greater chance to relapse.

Doctors were able to save Corbin’s arm and place a rod in place of the bone. The doctors also had to take his rotator cuff, which his family knew would give him difficulties in life. At this point they were lucky they still had their son. He went through 6 more rounds of chemo. On August 3, 2015, Corbin had his last chemo! August of 2016 marks one year cancer free!

Corbin has faced several challenges with not being able to lift his arm. He has learned to do mostly everything with one arm and he is able to function his left hand which is a huge blessing. He had to stop playing baseball but his family is working on catching and throwing the ball with his right arm. He struggles with the appearance of his arm because it doesn’t look normal. Instead of focusing on sports, he likes to help other kids at Children’s Hospital. Corbin and his family like to surprise them by bringing gifts, treats and cards.
Corbin’s greatest success story is surviving cancer!

“Instead of focusing on sports, he likes to help other kids at Children’s Hospital.”