Condition / Challenge:

Down Syndrome (DS)

Celebrated For:

Avery Covington was born with Down Syndrome (DS) in 1998.  In addition to the DS diagnosis, she was diagnosed with a heart condition known as ventricular septal defect (VSD), hypothyroidism and significant vision problems.  The summation of these conditions resulted in a number of hardships for Avery.  The most notable of her disabilities include developmental delays and cognitive impairments.  Because of this Avery quickly fell behind in her peer group in terms of academic progress and physical capabilities. However, Avery’s optimistic outlook on life and her “never give up” mentality have always served her well.

Avery attended public schools and studied in a “mainstream” environment and participated in many extracurricular activities most notably volleyball.  Avery began a home school program when she entered high school.  As a supplement to her home schooling, she is enrolled in a program known as “Life’s Blessings” which focuses on functional academics and community based life skills.  She volunteers at the local Goodwill store and also helps with the “Backpack Club.”  In this club, she shops for groceries and delivers them to the financially disadvantaged students in the local elementary school.

Avery is also quite an artist!  She has been enrolled in a private art class where she excels.  She uses a variety of mediums to display her artistic talent.  One of her goals that she talks about daily is to attend college and study some form of art.  She would like to start an online store to sell her pieces to the public.  Avery also loves country music, sports and acting!  She has been involved in a drama class for students with special needs for 10 years.  She is currently enrolled in a tennis class and plays baseball in a local league.  Perhaps her favorite thing to do is attend church where she loves to study the bible, sing in the worship service and participate in events with her church family.

“No matter what Avery does, she always does it with great enthusiasm!”