Condition / Challenge:

Immediately after birth, baby Allison was flown to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, where it was determined she had three holes in her heart, ASD, VSD and Down Syndrome. At 17 days old, she had open-heart surgery, and then immediately had a second one due to complications of the first surgery, and spent the first 5 ½ months of her life in hospitals. She has also had challenges with her speech, communication, learning abilities, but she never gave up and continues to excel in these areas!

Celebrated For:

As Allison developed, she had a strong will to learn and be in control. She even tried to help her teachers lead the classroom! After a little help from speech therapy, she was able to communicate better which helped her with making good grades in her Life Skill classes! Throughout elementary school, she received multiple honors for Student of the Month, as well as the Principle’s Award for outstanding achievements in making a difference in her school!

She really began to excel when she went to middle school and took more inclusion classes! She was one of only three students who received straight A’s! This superstar loves all kinds of music and is very active in her youth group at church!

She also loves soccer, basketball and any sports activates where she can play and participate with her friends. She has also excelled at riding horses through Windridge Therapeutic Equestrian Center of East Texas. She began 15 years ago when she needed a lot of help, but now can ride with minimal assistance! She is beginning her senior year of high school, and is ready to tackle anything that comes her way!

“Allison doesn’t use the word “can’t” and she won’t take NO for an answer. She approaches every one of her challenges head on and does not wish to be treated differently than any other child. She works hard at finding ways to conquer every obstacle she faces and is not afraid to try anything new. This Superstar is an inspiration to us all!”