“Drop the Mic!”

Brandt was born with Down Syndrome and has challenges with learning/understanding, receptive/expressive communication, and physical/coordination tasks. He was also born with a congenital heart defect and other health issues but is very healthy now!

He is a product of inclusive education, graduating high school and even taking a few college courses. He loves math and sports! During high school, Brandt was a trainer for the football and basketball teams. And he began participating in Special Olympics towards the end of high school, building quite a repertoire of events over the years! To name “a few”… Track & field, swimming, golf, basketball, and softball. And if you have an unlimited amount of time, go ahead and ask Brandt to show you his vast collection of medals!

Brandt LOVES music! …especially country music and LOVES to dance! Although he hasn’t been formally involved in lessons, he did co-lead the “JazzerZone” session for the National Down Syndrome Congress Conference in Dallas!

Brandt is also an extremely dedicated employee and advocate for those with special needs! You may have heard about Howdy Homemade (18 delicious flavors of ice cream, including the ever-so-popular Dr. Pepper Chocolate Chip!). Brandt not only works there but is part of the “Howdy’s Heroes” team and speaks at their catering events. He has also spoken at the Harris County Jail and was interviewed by KHOU News at the grand opening of a new Howdy franchise in Katy, TX. He also volunteers at his church, assisting with lighting for the AV team, helping run games for their weekly kids events, and Vacation Bible School in the summers.

Brandt is involved with Best Buddies and Boys Scouts, achieving the highest rank of Eagle Scout! His Eagle project was the construction and installation of a GaGa Pit for a local elementary school. Brandt has dedicated much of his time to Young life and with the Capernaum Young Life (for those with special needs).

Brandt is entrepreneurial-minded, looking to own and operate a Howdy Homemade franchise in his area! He also looks forward to meeting the woman of his dreams and getting married. Although many who know Brandt will attest that it will be tough to find the right woman who can keep up with him!