Bulldozing Through the Bullies!

Trae is a unique young man.  He has been studied for the past 6 years.  Socially and by his appearance, one would think that Trae is an average kid.  However, it’s the combination of his classifications that makes him so unique.  He has 5 learning disorders combined with 2 neurological disorders.  The major problem is that they battle each other.  Trae has a working memory of 3% and no sequential memory, meaning that he cannot remember a sequence of items or pieces of information.  So learning everyday tasks is definitely a challenge.

Trae and some of his other peers with disabilities have had to deal with bullying at school.  Instead of fighting back, Trae decided to launch a t-shirt business that would take a forceful stand against bullying for ALL special kids!  His t-shirt art is in his own handwriting and displays messages raising awareness and acceptance for those with “special differences”.  He recently won the National Academic Language Therapy Associations “I Believe In Myself” Scholarship for art!  He also donates a portion of his proceeds back to charitable organizations for kids with differences!

Trae loves basketball but, believe it or not, his favorite hobby is driving heavy duty equipment!  Yes… any kind of heavy duty equipment from excavators to bulldozers!  And if you’re still wondering… YES… by himself!

Trae Headshot
Trae Award
Trae Heavy Equipment