Matison was born on November 29, 2004 via C-section. The pregnancy had no complications nor did her birth. We noticed Mati had a unique shaped left ear and slept best on her side, curled up in a ball.

There were noticeable differences in Mati very early on with her response time to different interactions were delayed. So her pediatrician referred her parents to a vision specialist when she was 6 months old. That appointment confirmed that Mati had severe vision loss. She was diagnosed with coloboma of the eyes and with further genetic testing she was diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome.

Mati had low muscle tone, had to endure swallow testing as her food had to be pureed until she was almost 3. Mati began school at the young age of 2 ½ in the ECI program through Dallas ISD. She received her first cane at age 3 and continues to walk with one to this day. She has worn hearing aides in each ear since the age of 6. Mati’s hearing is slowly deteriorating and has no balance nerve in her inner ear. Her vision loss will stay the same and at this time there are no corrective options for her.

Through all her physical battles of being legally blind and deaf, Mati has the heart of gold and carries her feelings on her sleeve. She works very hard to maintain her A/B honor roll while being in classes with her peers with little to no adaptions being made. Mati is being inducted into the National Junior Honor Society of Wilkinson Middle School, Mesquite, TX on the evening of May 8, 2018!

She has regular visits with therapist and enjoys spending time journaling, recording home videos with her favorite paw patrol and my little pony toys. She dreams of one day having her own “you tube” account to share her videos and stories with the public and one day wants to write story lines for cartoons like her favorites – Paw Patrol and My Little Pony shows.

She enjoys drawing and excels in that area. She has drawn many pictures to share with church members that are sick or home bound. Mati has volunteered at several church functions and has helped serve, decorate and wrap packages for special church projects like Samaritan’s Purse and Genesis Center.

Mati cannot participate in regular sports as her reaction is very delayed and is dangerous for her. However, she loves to be on the sidelines and cheer her friends on during sports activities. She has exceled in her theater class this year, auditioning for the first play. Mati was cast for four major roles in that play and was given an honorable mention metal during their UIL contest for Mesquite ISD middle schools 2018.

Mati feels that being chosen for “Night of Superstars” is a dream come true! And Night of Superstars is just as honored to have her and her family as part of our Superstar Family!