Lindsay Rose Kelley is a beautiful 6th Grader with Down Syndrome.  The challenges she faces are typical of someone with Downs Syndrome, such as communicating with her peers, her health, endurance, and intellectual capabilities.

Through a lot of hard work and determination, she has mainstreamed in school and excited about starting 6th grade!  Her 5th grade year she mastered the A-B honor roll and can read at a very high level.  Aside from school, her passion lies with Cheer Athletics and has competed for the past 3 years as a flyer at the NCA (National Cheerleaders Association).  She also competes in the Special Olympics for track, swimming and gymnastics, where she has received several gold medals.  She also received a gold medal at the State Special Olympics for Gymnastics!

Lindsay is very involved with her church and loves Sunday School and Vacation Bible School!  With so many odds stacked against her, she is an inspiration to all who know her because of her determination to overcome the odds!

Lindsay Gymnastics
Lindsay Cheer 2
Lindsay Cheer 3