Christopher is a vibrant 15-year-old with Autism.  At 5 years of age, he was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and failure to thrive.  Christopher experienced extreme intestinal pain, making it difficult to focus on basic tasks.  After many tests and procedures, doctors were finally able to manage his pain, which allowed him to regain his focus and begin responding to speech therapy as well.

Christopher was also born with bi-lateral club feet and wore a cast on his hips and a foot bar from the time he was 9 days old until he was 18 months.  All of these conditions have led to low muscle tone in his arms, legs and extremities.

Facing these types of physical challenges, one would be surprised to know that Christopher excels in swimming.  He has earned numerous silver and gold medals at the state level of Special Olympics in the breast stroke and butterfly events!  His talents aren’t left in the pool either…  Christopher plays the double bass in his school’s philharmonic orchestra, despite the low muscle tone in his extremities!  Christopher memorizes the music because his inability to process information quickly enough to sight-read.  His dream is to compete in swimming at the National Special Olympic Games and to become a composer, just like Beethoven!

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