No Limits!

Cody has sacral agenesis, which is a spinal cord abnormality in the lowest portion of his spine.  It often causes missing bones and nerve issues below the area that is affected. Cody was missing his tibia and patellas and had to have his legs amputated.  Due to using prosthetics, he also has degenerative disk disease in approximately 3 disks in his back, causing him a great deal of pain.

Despite the many challenges Cody faces, there is no doubt his lives out his motto, “Be Strong & Never Give Up” and enjoys speaking in front of groups to share his message about how to maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity.  His speaking engagements include Challenged Athletes Foundation, local elementary and middle schools, YMCA, Transportation Security Administration, Kentucky ISD Board/Teachers/Principals National Conference, Boston Scientific National Conference, Disabled Sports Awareness Conference in Italy and Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.

Cody excels in a number of other areas as well!  He’s maintaining a 4.0 average with all AP & Dual classes.  In addition to his academic success, he is a highly competitive swimmer competing at the international level, recently returning from the Ireland for the IWAS Junior World Games and brought home 3 silver medals!  Cody now has the 2020 Paralymics in sight!

Obviously, Cody spends hours of his time focusing on his academics and swimming, which he practices 6 days a week and oftentimes twice a day.  Yet he still finds 100+ hour out of his year to serve others at the City of Keller Senior Center, Pregnancy Help 4 You, Legacy Adoption Services, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, and Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Cody’s goal is to become a pediatric anesthesiologist to “give back” to kids having to face surgery, helping them feel safe and feel comfortable due to his ability to empathize with them.


Besides all of Cody’s medals for swimming, many of his other awards include but are not limited to:

  • Challenged Athletes Foundation Rising Star Award 2008
  • Colleyville Woman’s Club Volunteer Service Award 2008
  • Build A Bear Huggable Heroes 2009
  • Competitor Endurance Athlete of the Year Award 2010
  • Guiseppe Sciacca Premio Absoluto Award 2012
  • Kohl’s Cares Award 2014
  • KISD Character Trait of Courage Award 2016

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