Condition / Challenge:

Alex has Vanishing White Matter (VWM) Disease, which is a mutation of the gene necessary for the body to make vital proteins. The reduction in function of this gene becomes a particular problem during episodes of fever, infection, or head traumas, and progressive deterioration accelerates following such episodes.

The biggest challenges faced by those with VWM are neurological and these can affect basic motor skills.

Celebrated For:

This amazing Superstar doesn’t let anything stop him in his love of sports! He was privileged to take part in the Special Olympics for bowling, and he has also participated with the Champion League for baseball!

However, Alex’s specialty is giving back. He loves serving with the Ragan’s HOPE Kids-4-Kids Club, because he knows the importance of helping other families who, like his, have a child experiencing a catastrophic illness or injury. As he goes about life each and every day facing his challenges, he takes time to make sure he shares his smile with everyone he meets!

“Our Superstar is a family hero because he has taught each of us to live life to the fullest! We are so proud of him and so excited he is being honored at the Night of Superstars event!”