Condition / Challenge:
Alex was born with Mitochondrial Disease. Mitochondria are in every cell in the body (except red blood cells) and are responsible for converting food and oxygen into energy. Mitochondrial Disease affects every person differently. In Alex’s case all of his organs except his kidneys are affected, and he is only able to eat through a feeding tube and a permanent port in his chest. He also receives supplemental oxygen while he sleeps.

He tires easily, has an impaired immune system, and has spent well over 500 days in the hospital. To help combat some of his challenges, Alex takes nearly 35 doses of medication per day, and has immunity-boosting infusions delivered by two needles once a week.

Celebrated For:
Despite battling exhaustion, this Superstar spends his time wisely and is incredibly smart. He consistently works above grade level and has a vocabulary of which any adult would be proud. He also pushes past his challenges through physical activity and has thus far achieved a purple belt in Taekwondo!

Alex participates in Cub Scouts and his vibrant personality helped him to earn the top spot in selling popcorn for the past 3 of his 5 years in his pack of 80 boys! Having recently crossed over to Boy Scouts, he already impresses the leadership with his hard work and his commitment to reach his goal of becoming an Eagle Scout.

Alex’s big heart to serve is evident as he involves himself with his church youth group. He is also very active as a Make-a-Wish volunteer assisting with fundraisers for the past 4 years.

“The most special thing about Alex is his fun-loving, joyful, and kind spirit. He is such a loyal friend and an amazing big brother. Alex has a way of lighting up a room and he touches the heart of everyone who meets him! We are so proud of our Superstar!”