Condition / Challenge:
Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Cancer

Celebrated For:
Despite having been through two rounds of chemotherapy and the amputation of her left leg below the knee, this superstar excels in many areas of her life!

She is always on the A/B honor roll and is a part of her school choir. She doesn’t let only having one leg stop her from her love of sports where she participates in Rainbows for Kids and DASA. As a member of the Girl Scouts, and GEMS, a faith-based youth group, Ashley is such a light and a positive influence on her peers.

Ashley’s giving heart is shown through her volunteer service for her church, the local food bank, and by being an ambassador for Shiners Hospital. She shows such love and care to those in the hospital as she educates them and explains what it’s like to have a prosthetic leg. Ashley is just an amazing young lady!

“Ashley loves to enlighten others with her joy of life, and wants everyone to know that you can choose your attitude, and that you can choose to be happy. Even if you do only have one leg, that shouldn’t stop you from being happy and making a difference!”