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Nominate a Superstar for upcoming event in your area!
  • Please select the city/area in which you would like nominee to participate. Note: Nominee must live in that particular city/area.
  • Please list first & last name of nominee.
  • Example: Family Member Teacher, Therapist, Doctor, Social Worker
  • Please list your phone number in case we can't get in touch with the parents.
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  • Please list the names of both parents or guardians. NOTE: If single parent, then please list the name of the custodial parent.
  • Tell us about your Superstar! Bio must include information regarding nominee’s condition, hardships and where Nominee excels (e.g. - academics, athletics, the arts, community service, etc.) and notable personal achievements. NOTE: Superstars are selected based upon their personal achievements, who exhibit their ability to reach far beyond their adversities. So please be sure to let us know their greatest success stories!