Owen is smart, funny, loving, compassionate, strong-willed, active-athletic, red-head 12 year old kid. Owen’s journey occurred way before he was born. His mom was told there was a chance of chromosomal abnormality in the early weeks of pregnancy and she should start thinking of abortion. Then being sent to a specialist who performed an amniocentesis which confirmed a male with Trisomy 21/ Down syndrome. After confirmation she received many negative calls to schedule an abortion even in Mexico or Australia because they will abort as far 20 weeks. She was told that her child would never be a productive person in society or they would die together on the birthing table. Owen in utero was always kicking/actively moving and she knew he was fighting. And He still fights today!

Three days after his uneventful delivery Owen was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis and underwent surgery at Texas Children’s Hospital. Owen stayed in NICU for 2 ½ weeks recovering. During his stay he diagnosed Atrial Septic Defect which hopefully would heal or would have to undergo surgery at a later date.

Consequently he has been diagnosed with numerous medical conditions including: Strabismus/lazy eye, speech impairment, mild auditory impairment from chronic ear infections, GI reflux, Hypothyroidism, alopecia, Sleep Apnea. Owen has been hospitalized numerous times and endured many surgeries and procedures including heart repair surgery, tonsils & adenoids removed and 5 ear surgeries. He has undergone numerous therapies during his lifetime including physical, occupational, massage and speech.

His education began at birth with the early childhood intervention program and he began school at age 3 in the PPCD program after enduring Hurricane Ike and losing everything and having to relocate. Owen attended Santa Fe School district from age 4 – 11 inclusive setting. Despite the unsurmountable odds (or so they seemed), Owen has maintained an A or AB honor roll throughout his education and received Student of the Year.

Owen is incredibly athletic. He participates with Special Olympics: swimming, bowling, basketball, and track & field. Challenger baseball, football and basketball. He also sings with the school choir. Owen is very adventurous and curious and he takes the name Curious George often. Owen enjoys indoor ski-diving with Ifly and he has copiloted an airplane at Challenge Air. Owen has skied with Breckenridge BOEC Adaptive ski school. In addition, Owen enjoys musicals and participated in Theatre Workshops at TUTS. Owen is a member of DSAH and GHFED’s (local Disability groups).

Owen loves to go and travel/explore. Owen loves God and volunteering with his church. He was recently chosen as 2017-2018 Junior Mr. Wonderful and attends various charity events like Backpack with PACE moms. Owen makes appearances with We See Abilities events to raise awareness. We have missed many events because our home was damaged during Hurricane Harvey, which left his family homeless for couple of months. Owen had to change schools but has maintained a positive and resilient attitude throughout of our trials. He always has smile and quick to give you a hug! …especially if you are a lady!