Condition / Challenge:

Abigail was born without her left hand.

Celebrated For:

Abigail believes and constantly proves that she can do anything anyone else can do. She is fully engaged in numerous activities and actually tends to take on the ones which others would consider impossible for her.

Playing sports and participation in many endeavors is enormously important to Abigail so she just goes out and does it. Some of the activities with which she has been involved are softball, swimming, ballet, guitar, and piano.

Currently, Abigail excels in several sports. In basketball, this Superstar is a great outside shooter and is not afraid of being aggressive on the court. For volleyball, she has learned to serve one-handed, and she can also bump and set the ball. She also loves outdoor pursuits and has never met a rock or a mountain she doesn’t attempt to conquer.

Despite the fact that she doesn’t have a left hand, Abigail plays golf left-handed so she can pull through the ball with power and strength. She has won many medals in the Houston Beltway 8 Tour golf tournaments, even though there are no accommodations for her disability. People are amazed at her power, her determination and especially her smiling personality while she plays the game because of her perseverance and her golfing skills.

“Abigail is one very determined young lady who does not look upon herself as different. She knows she was made perfect in God’s eyes. As parents, we are both so very proud of her and proud of the person she is becoming. Even we, as her parents, are surprised by all she accomplishes!”