Condition / Challenge:

Abby was born with Down Syndrome and Tracheal Malaysia. She spent the first three months of her life in the hospital and the next nine months with a tracheotomy and on a ventilator. The doctors said she might always be on a trach and she may never talk, but thankfully, that was not the case!

Celebrated For:

She is a flourishing 7th Grader and has been on the A/B Honor role for the past 6 years! She loves to read and her favorite subject is science, winning a Judges Choice award for her project on “Sweet Tea!”

This Superstar is also full of creativity and she loves to perform and share her many talents! She sings with her school choir, performs with her dance and gymnastics clubs, and has earned 1st & 2nd place awards for her solo performances! Her talent doesn’t stop there – she also won an award for the costume she created for her school’s Culture Fair when she dressed up as Queen Elizabeth!

What we love most about Abby is that she excels at exhibiting the character of a true Superstar! For the past two years, she has received recognition for her R.A.R.E. Behavior, which stands for Responsibility, Attitude, Respect, and Effort. She has also received the Principle’s Award for exhibiting outstanding character, which is the highest honor given out by her school!

“Abby excels in academics and she has such a heart to help others excel too! She has set a career goal to become a librarian who focuses on helping others develop the same love for reading and learning that she has! We are so proud of Abby, her character, and her heart to serve others! She is the epitome of a Superstar!”