Jan Elmo was born with severe myopia (near sighted), nystagmus (uncontrolled movements of the eyes), and esotropia (inward turning of one or both eyes). He is legally blind with his near vision at 20/200 and his distance vision is 20/80 with glasses. So, he must really concentrate to see details of anything.  In addition to being legally blind, Elmo is also deaf in one ear.

Despite his obvious challenges, Elmo remains strong and stays focused on his school work and active in the National Honor Society!  One of the most outstanding things about Elmo and where he defies his visual challenges is his incredible artwork!  He has received multiple awards for his artwork, including the Visual Art Scholastic Event Award the last 3 years at regional level and the “most creative” AP 2D Design!  He has also received countless other student awards from Plano ISD.

This young man does submit to his challenges by any means.  Elmo finds time give back to the community through volunteering and work as well.  He participated in a 5-week summer job programs through the TWC and worked at CVS.

And just when you think you couldn’t be more impressed, it’s very interesting to know that Elmo was born in the Philippines and speaks Tagalog.  And before moving to Plano in 2015, he lived the in the United Arab Emirates where he studied Arabic.

Elmo d
Elmo art