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Jordan is 8 years old and was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. The doctor said he may never be able to understand humor or normal emotions. He has had an issue with touch and eye contact and suffered with extreme sensory overload. He craved isolation and seemed to be lost in his own world. Along with being scared of interacting with other children and not speaking to anyone without immense fear and anxiety, his motor skills were 3 years delayed. Jordan was unable to play legos, ride a bike or feed himself with utensils, and struggled with most physical abilities/activities.
Thanks to his intense dedication and will, Jordan has grown immensely in his social and motor skills. He now enjoys being around other children, has a very imaginative mind and loves building amazing lego creations. Jordan is committed to acting and won an award this year in a full length children’s play.  He was the youngest actor in the play and the only actor who remembered all of his lines though all the acts. He had a leading role and was the comedic relief. Timing, humor, and understanding emotion were strengths that he displayed.
Over the years, Jordan has been able to remember a lot of interesting facts and information. Everything from memorizing most books he had read, songs he had heard and videos he had watched. Jordan can count forward and backwards in Spanish, French, Japanese and enjoys memorizing facts about history. His dream is to be an animator and director in the film and television industry. You may find Jordan spending time preparing storyboards for his movies or creating custom lego creations for stop motion animation. Best of all, he has overcome his fear of touch and has become an amazing hugger – with a huge heart and a big smile.