Condition / Challenge:

Brian was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder when he was about 2 1/2, categorized as Autism.

Celebrated For:

Brian is a Superstar who excels in the area of musicianship! He showed his interest in music around 11 years of age with a Casio keyboard that came with 50 pre-programed songs. He played the songs over and over until one day, his parents realized it wasn’t the recorded songs – but Brian who was playing! He then took a great interest in the pipe organs at his church and receives standing ovations whenever he performs!

Brian was one of the recipients of the 2014 Tommy Tranchin award, established by The Dallas Foundation to support students with physical, emotional or intellectual disabilities who have excelled or shown promise in a chosen field of interest. This award came with a scholarship which Brian is using to study the organ with Dr. Bradley Hunter Welch, an accomplished organist with a Masters and Doctor of Musical Arts Degrees in Organ Performance from Yale.

Brian rounds out his Superstar activities by participating in the Special Needs Sunday School class at his church. He also plays Angel League Baseball and is a member of the Alley Cats Bowling League. Brian also loves trains, musicals (especially Phantom of the Opera), the symphony, hanging out with his friends and his 3 older brothers. After high school, he would like travel and play organs all around the world, and have a job as an organist!

“Winning the Tommy Tranchin Award is an honor! The kids who win this do not let challenges be obstacles to their success in the community or in school. Sometimes the abilities exceed their disabilities, and Brian is an example of that. He is a talented young man. Brian’s gift and self-determination are exactly what made him a Superstar!”