Condition / Challenge:

Abigail has Mitochondrial Disease (Mito), which caused her face progressive issues involving her brain, skeletal muscles, gastro-intestinal, and respiratory systems since she was a young child.

Celebrated For:

Abigail goes into each day with an attitude of living life large and with lots of enthusiasm!! Nothing keeps this young lady down for long, and her determination to not allow this disease to slow her down, or keep her from her goals, is incredible!!

Make A Wish Foundation of North Texas has been a part of Abigail’s life since 2001 and after granting her Wish in 2004, she has been blessed with the chance to give back to this amazing organization. She has performed at Wish Night for the last 11 years, has contributed art work for both auction and as sponsor gifts, and has shared the power of a wish with many different organizations and groups.

Camp Korey (a medical camp that is a part of the SeriousFun Children’s Network) in Seattle, WA has been an integral part of Abigail’s life for the last six years. Camp Korey is the only camp to dedicate a week to Mitochondrial Disease kids. Abigail has participated as a camper for 5 years, and was then nominated and chosen to be a Leader in Training (assistant counselor) this last summer.

Cook Children’s Hospital is another organization that has allowed this Superstar to excel and make a difference! Abigail has been able to be a part of the Arts in Medicine program where she has co-hosted a writing show on their internal TV station, and has created several works of art that have been hung on the walls of the hospital. Recently, her art work was chosen to be on the Cards for Kids website hosted by the Women’s Board of Cook Children’s, as well as a part of their holiday card collection. Additionally, Abigail has been able to work with others in the studio singing, and was able to perform at a fundraiser for the Cook Children’s Palliative Care Clinic recently.
Abigail has also had the chance to volunteer for the local chapter of the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation, and contributed to the success of their first annual fun walk in Garland this past spring.

“For those who have spent time with her at Camp Korey, Abigail is known for her enthusiasm, willingness to go on crazy adventures, and making sure all the campers feel welcome and a part of what is going on. Having the chance to be in a leadership role has played into her already nurturing ways, and allowed her the chance to mentor those younger than her with Mito, and is a true Superstar!”