Condition / Challenge:
Ocular Albinism and Congenital Nystagmus – severe visual impairment with involuntary eye movements, present at birth

Celebrated For:
Abraham is excelling in the area of art. During his freshman year, he was accepted into the International Baccalaureate (IB) Art Program (a magnet program with a 4-year curriculum). Despite his visual impairment, he maintains a 3.32 grade point average while also diligently maintaining his art portfolio as required by the IB Art program. He has also been a Grand-Prize Winner of the Visual Aide Volunteers (VAV) Art Contest for the past four years

“Abraham is a self-starter, motivated, and has a great work ethic. Abraham has been active in his church band as a drummer. As a teacher of the visually impaired… it has been a joy to work with Abraham.” -Tammy, CTVI